# Body Style: Dreadnought
# Top: Spruce
# Back: Mahogany
# Sides: Mahogany
# Neck: Mahogany
# Fingerboard: Rosewood
# Bridge: Rosewood
My gear
Ibanez RG7321
Jackson Warrior WRXT *FS/FT*
Jasmine J35
Squier Fender P-Bass
Ibanez TBX150H
Crate 4x12
Fender Rumble 60

If it's an acoustic and it has a solid, not laminate, top - the answer is yes. Check out any of the reputable acoustic sites, such as Martin, Takamine, Taylor and you'll see their recommendations. Generally, in the Winter, it's a good idea to keep the humidity somewhere between 40% RH and 50% RH. RH is Relative Humidity. It means relative to the temperature. I'd strongly recommend purchasing a decent evaportative humidifier from Lowes or some other store and keep it in the same room as your guitar(s). I prefer the Cool Mist varieties, since they use evaporative humidity, instead of steam from a heating element or piezo element. If you can close off the room, that's all the better. Also, buy a hygrometer at Radio Shack. They sell some decent digital ones that will display room temp and humidity. Put it on the opposite side of the room from your humidifier. I usually keep my guitar room between 45% and 55%, but as I mentioned earlier, 40% to 50% or even 55% is what most guitar manufacturers recommend.