Okay guys, Merry Christmas to me!!! I got a Peavey Valveking 112!!!

Now, i was messing around with the knobs and such, and i stumbled upon some decent settings, but i was wondering if you guys knew any good settings for it? I just about 99% of the time play Metalcore and Sludge Metal, so i was wondering if you guys could help me out with this.

Plus the Texture knob in the back. So far i have it all the way to the left (7 o'clock position-ish) and that doesnt sound bad to me, but you guys might also have better settings.

Thanks for the help all, and Merry Christmas to you all!

EDIT: Also forgot to ask, that in the not so distant future, i was wondering what would be a good speaker to to replace the ValveKing speaker, since they dont exactly have the best rep, lol.
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Experiment with it. Enjoy it. I've also got a VK112 and love it. I've also got a Mesa Lonestar and I pretty much split my time between the 2.

I normally run my 112 in the Class A mode and the clean channel. I use effects for distortion and overdrive. Have fun!!!
As long as it's not a Line 6, I could care less what people say about Peavey. As long as you like the sound, it doesn't matter what others say about it. I know a lot of guys have replaced the speaker in their 112, but I can't recall what the favorite choice was/is. I'm still running mine stock and it sounds good to me - that's all that matters.
I have experimented with it, and i must say, its a huge improvement over my old amp (Crate Flexwave) I found a couple different tones, but i wanna know if any has found a seriously killer tone, and i would like to hear others settings as well.

That, and the new speaker wouldnt be bad either. Im thinking Eminence?
Eminence makes some nice replacement speakers. I don't think you could wrong with one of them.
Shame they didnt come default with Celestions, lol.

That would be like, Murder in a Box. (In a good way too! lol)