Been wanting to get a new amp for a while. Has any one played both of these and compared them? I've only heard good things about both of them.
They are both what you call hybrid amps with both the tube and ss.
Both have a much of voicings although the Vox has a few more.
One thing I don't like about the SCXD is that there is no mid control.
Another thing is that the Vox has 30 watts while the SCXD has 15.
I'd go for the Super Champ.
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yes, but the hybrid get super loud, i have a vibro champ XD and at like 3 with guitar 10 it super loud, with no gain

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Try them both if you can.

I got a superchamp, and liked it more than the old valvetronix line. I haven't been able to find any of the new vt's locally yet. Superchamp may have less watts, but it was louder than the vox.