I'm happy with my Fender Champ, but I wish it had a headphone jack for night playing. I bought my daughter an electric guitar for Christmas, and I'm thinking about getting an additional amp for her to play with. We live in an apartment, so nothing loud or powerful is needed. I'm thinking of picking up either a Peavy Vyper, or MicroCube. I would also be interested in using the amp myself at times because it would then have a headphone jack. I'm wondering how good would the quality of sound be if I hooked up a somewhat decent pair of headphones to the amp?

Thanks for any info...
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If they are somewhat decent headphones, then you'll get a somewhat decent sound....it's as simple as that.

I plug into my amp with my Bose Tri-Port headphones and I have an eargasm every night. It's so worth the money for good headphones, trust me.
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It would sound, more or less the same as if you using through the amps speaker, least it does with my Cube, the sound quality probably depends of the quality of head phones though.
I don't think "losing tone" is a poignant issue when you're playing through a Microcube or small Vypyr to begin with.

If you're just practicing or messing around, I don't think you'll need to spend any more than $35 on a set of headphones.
If the amp has speaker emulation on the headphone out, most amps with modeling do, it should depend only on the quality of you headphones.
Earshredders will sound crappy.
Transparent high-end headphones will sound just like the live sound.