Evening all, Merry Christmas!

Today i was the lucky reciever of a Vox V837-A Wah pedal and an EHX Metal Muff. The Metal Muff is awesome compared to my old Marshall Jackhammer and the Wah is really good quality but i have a problem.

Once the pedal is engaged (clicked on) and the pedal is tipped all the way up the sound goes incredibly trebly compared to the natural sound of the amp. Is this normal for wah's (it's my first). Does this mean that after using it for a passge for example a solo, it needs to be switched off again straight away? I can't just leave it in the up position and expect the natural sound again?

Yes it is normal, and you do have to switch it off. In fact I heard abut a few guitarists who engage it to act as a treble booster.

I think i heard dimebag did that? Correct me if im wrong.
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I always preferred the Jackhammer to the Metal Muff...
And yes, that's very normal for a wah. Isn't that the whole point of a wah anyway?
That is normal. Your wah all the way down should be very trebly. Jimmy Page among others used this in a lot of songs to act as a treble boost. Specific examples are slipping my mind. I wanna say parts of achilles last stand and you shook me. Correct me on those though im not sure.
i got the same wah 4 christmas & the same thing happened 2 me & i kinda like it cus i used it as a treble booster sorta
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