My friend has an old cheapo LP copy, and he wants to know if he can convert it into a 7 string. I think that it's a stupid idea because 7 string guitars have wider necks, wider pickups, wider bridges, wider nuts, which means he'll have to do a good bit of work to get it to work properly right?
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hes better off buying one. it will cost more to mod it than it will to buy a new one.
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he'll need to..

get a wider neck
make a larger pocked in the guitar for the larger neck
make larger cavities for the pickups
fill the holes left by the TOM bridge and stop bar
put a 7 string bridge on it

i guess it would be a neat project? id only do it if i had the supplies for free and the free time.
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Stupid idea really, way too much work.

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but pickup pole spacing and lack of saddles on his tune-o-matic will be the challenge.

He could jam the strings on the old neck. BUT there arent going to be any 7 string pickups that will work nor a bridge. If its a set neck copy then its gonna be really difficult to do. Be hard to find a neck to begin with. And if its a bolt in then its still gonna be hard to find a neck that will fit.
Pup pole spacing really doesn't make much of a difference imho. I have a set of F-spaced pups that replaced my original normal ones and I don't hear any difference. I doubt a couple mm will make much difference on this.