Hey guys, for Christmas I got my long awaited Fender Jazzmaster (it's the classic series cheap one, can't afford any of the better ones ) and I'm in the process of re stringing it, but as I took the strings off I noticed something strange.

The pickguard appears to have some sort of plastic film coating, if that makes sense. It's not too obvious, except for around the screws in the pickguard - only then did I actually notice it.

My question is, should I take this off? Is it supposed to be taken off? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It's just to protect the pickguard while being shipped and handled in the guitar store. Take it off, unless you're one of those weird people who leave the plastic wrap on everything...
yeah take it off its just to keep it clean before you buy it. but if you wanna keep it like that just go buy some guitar cleaner

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off it comes - but if its a nice guitar then wait till people who havent seen it have slobbered over it first - saves you washing it.

Thanks guys, took it all off.

Oh, and by the way, could someone tell me how to take the volume and tone pots off? I want to put them back up so that "10" points upwards when the volume/tone is on max
take it off, i hate it when people leave the plastic on haha

EDIT: for the tone knobs just pull them, dont really yank at them but pull them firmly and wiggle them a bit and they should come off.
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^ I've heard that doing that can damage them and that they won't stick back on (as in they'll easily fall off)?
God damn, this shouldnt be so hard. just pull it off
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