I just got an Ibanez RG120 and the strings seem to rattle a lot. I tuned the strings and they still rattle, so I googled it and found out I may need to adjust the truss rod?

I can read the manual to see how to do this but I want to make sure that this is the problem with it and not something else. Also, if the strings rattle, do I need to tighten or loosen it?

tighten it do it by pulling the allen key towards you until you can do it no more
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It is probably just normal ... Most Ibanez guitars have very low action, which causes your strings to rattle a bit. If you've been playing on a high action guitar it takes some time to get used to lower actions. I wouldn't go about messing with your guitar when you don't know what your doing. Ask your local guitar builder/shop.
i have an Ibanez and my low E string rattles. really annoys me when i'm plucking because it kind of overpowers what i'm playing :\