Well i wrote this Dec 24 and though i'd share it with UG!
Not sure what genre you would classify it as, so i'm settling for metalcore
Sorry its in Powertab but i'm to cheap for anything good
Crit4Crit i'll do my best to return the favor if ya want
Song idea_3.zip
Well...first of all, it needs drums.

You also really need to work on transitions.

Bars 44-50 just don't work for me. Maybe the acoustic guitar is being played out of key or something, because it just doesn't sound right.

I really liked bars 31-34 and 69-76.

Your riffs seem really random and lacking flow.

You can crit mine if you want. It's a bit old, so bumping the thread might piss off some people.

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how the heck do i do drums boi?! lol

well i was kinda goin for a haunting feel w/ the acoustic part and i wanted the song as a whole to be energetic
i think i should fix the shift in the first verse tho
and if there's a tonality problem its prolly cause i know nearly jack about theory and stuff
guess its time fo me to get my chops up to par
thanks fo the crit man. the harsher the better

and as for your peice.

really like the dark atmoshphere it builds and retains from the start even with the solo witch i quite enjoyed during the triplet sweeps
overall a quality piece. my favorite part was the slower part in the middle though
^err.. get a drum machine? or get one of those sound recording thingies and get yourself a virtual drum machine. like the one from toontrack.
I personally thought it was really good. A lot of good riffs, a lot of good melodies, the solo was fantastic, and I personally though the acoustic part sounded good. Gave the song a dark feeling that I thought fit quite well. I'd give you overall an 8/10.

Crit mine if you get a chance? (also powertab)

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thank you all for the positive reviews
i'm glad you liked the solo i was quite proud of that myself
i will get to work on my transitioning and song flow though
guess i'm not perfect