I've discovered that often, when I try to listen to serious, artistic music (like classical music), I doze off after a couple minutes. I suddenly realize that I've been thinking absurd, dream-thoughts and the music is still coming in through the CD player. Makes me feels kinda bad cause it seems like I ought to be focusing on the music, which in many cases is reputed to be awesome. It mostly happens with more abstract, serious music, not like metal or anything. Maybe I just don't like the music, but maybe I'm missing out! Just a few minutes ago I was listening to John Fahey, some of whose songs I've really enjoyed in the past. But I still started to doze in and out there on the couch after about ten minutes.

Comments? Suggestions? I get the fact that this isn't the sort of question with a black-and-white answer. I was just curious to see what people would say.
Try drugs. Can't see any other way.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
i agree with johnny smoke some pot
Don't you try and ask me your expiration date
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you'll be the one who opens the gate.

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