I just got my first guitar that has a tremolo system today. When ever I use the whammy bar the system is stiff and doesn't move too much. Do I need to play with the whammy bar a little bit for the springs or will I have to use weaker springs for easier use? If I put more springs in will my guitar stay in tune better if I don’t have a locking nut? It has an Ibanez "fat 10" system.
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could take the middle spring off i guess, as long as you tighten the trem claw
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Take the middle spring out and tighten the claw, or loosen the claw with the 3 springs still on. And it moslty goes out of tune because of the nut and tuners so i dont think tightening the springs will help. i used to go crazy on the whammy bar tune the strings correct, do some heavy bends, then some more crazy whammy baring then retune and eventually you can get it to stay intune after useing the whammy bar, but everytime you bend it goes out of tune so then you just press down on the whammy bar and rise it again and your back intune for the most part.
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it DEPENDS on your tremolo settings. You can set the FAT10 to go 2-way or 1-way.

If you want maximum tuning stability (1-way), you go with the bottom setup, means you tighten the springs at the back appropriately until when you dive down, it aint so hard and the tuning still holds ok.

If you want it to go both ways, tune it as if it were a floyd rose system. By using this, locking tuners always help with the tuning instability.
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