Hello, I got these 3 guitars for free, and was wondering if anyone could provide me with some information on them (What they're made out of, possible resell price, etc.) Google doesn't seem to help me much. I got these guitars out of people's garages for free, most were sitting around for years ignored.

A Magnum Les Paul copy, It has no model or serial numbers that I'm aware of.

A Lotus Jackson copy, it has "8704578" on the body near the neck.

A Saehan Acoustic guitar, Model # SD52

The Magnum has light damage to the headstock, while the Lotus has paint scrapped of in many places on the body. The Saehan has a slight damage on the headstock and a scratched pickguard.
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I would keep the Lotus. Super-strat's are really to modify. The others you could probably sell for 100 bucks or so.
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I wish I knew people who were giving away free guitars like that...
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I just recently started playing, and I enjoy metal. What kind of modifications could I make to more suit metal? And thanks for the compliment, I worked hard growing all the hair on my feet.
The Lotus could be made to work for metal really easy. replace the pups with real EMG's, get rid of the bridge and router out a little bit more room for a Floyd Rose or similar bridge, upgrade the tuners and the rest of the electronics and you'd be set to go.
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You think there's any chance of me being able to find out what wood it's made out of? Some kind of store I could bring it to? I haven't been playing that long, but I know that wood can have a big impact on the sound of the guitar. I don't want to dump hundreds into a plywood guitar. Also, on the back of the neck of the Lotus, it almost doesn't feel like wood, but like plastic. Does this have an impact on the sound of the guitar? If so, how great?

Thanks for all the help in advance, I really appreciate it.

Edit: I'm going to take this over to the customization forum, for part recommendations and whatnot, but It'd still be great If I could get an answer to my last questions.
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