So I've been playing for 2 1/2. I can sweep 3 strings but not continues, only like how Judas Priest does it. But Since the music i listen, Like bodom, they do a lot of sweeping, I wanna learn those songs and get better but you know those crazy sweeps. Can anyone link me to some lessons, I'm basically gonna push to learn sweeping for a year, and stop learning other things. I mean just tone down the other things I'm learning! thanks.
It wont take a year! I've learnt to sweep almost perfectly in the past three months!
I dont have any links though, i'm on informal lessons once a week from a friend

But you will easily be able to do it, one day it will just "Click" and you've got it
theres really no special way to get better at it then to just keep trying, it takes a while
Practice is the key to perfection. Do it slowly and don't try to rush it.
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the year was just a figure, I hope it won't take so long. But I'm really gonna sit my ass down and practice this stuff while I learn Iron Maiden and Judas Priest stuff. : )
This Lesson isnt bad. Has a good starting technique... no video but very help full.

On a seriuos note... no i dont know any acctaul lessons, im learning to sweep i can do 4 strings max so far ... working on 5... i would just say practice start very very slow ...even with out picking ... just to get your fingers some rythym then start involving the pick. Good Luck.
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By the way, if you're going to cover some Bodom licks, you're going to want to focus on other techniques as well, not just sweeping. Alexi does a lot of sweep tapping licks and alternate picks alot. You should get your picking up to speed if you haven't already. Also, as you develop, you're going to want to learn other techniques also. You might think "I just want to learn how to sweep", but eventually you'll want to tackle on some other techniques as well. That's how I was/am.
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Just find a sweep tab, and play it reeaaallly slowly until you can play it really slowly without even thinking about it. If you do that enough, you'll be able to speed it up more and more until you can sweep beautifully.

I've managed to perfect a 5-string sweep, and i'm probably 75% on a sweep that involves a slide and hammer ons and pull offs within the sequence (not just at the beginning and end)