Poll: What did you have with your christmas dinner dinner?
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View poll results: What did you have with your christmas dinner dinner?
38 50%
12 16%
Not meat, I'm a vegitarian.
4 5%
Other Meat
14 18%
I didn't have christmas dinner
8 11%
Voters: 76.
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What are you going to have for Christmas dinner, or are you not going to have it?

Personally I had beef.

09 EDIT: Turkey this year, but I can't change my vote.
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I didn't
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Turkey, roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts, sausages, bacon and radishes.


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Turkey. Why put beef on the poll when the only other tradition is goose? Besides, barely anyone will pick beef, you should've included chicken and the like.
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I had Beef because I don't actually like Turkey.
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Traditional finnish christmas setup;

Oven baked ham
Baked rutabaga, carrot and potato "mashes", (delicious)
Smoked salmon and venison
Rosolli, another traditional christmas food
Rice porridge.
In n Out
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Not anything from that poll. Fail poll is fail.
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turkey mashed potato road potatoes carrots parsnips toad in the hole (?!?)
goose, duck, potatoes, potato salad, a special salad with beets and herring, sauerkraut and lots of graivy, It's what a lot of Estonians have during Christmas.
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goose, duck, potatoes, potato salad, a special salad with beets and herring, sauerkraut and lots of graivy, It's what a lot of Estonians have during Christmas.

Turkey, susagemeat and apple stuffing balls, sausages wrapped in bacon, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, various vegetables.
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We always have nutloaf cos my family are veggie, I would happily eat a turkey or whatever but...

Yeah Nutloaf and roast Potatoes and Parsnips, usual sprouts, carrots, gravy...
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I had: Traditional christmas ham,potatoes,meatballs,sausages,a sort of potato dish with anchovy in it,herring with sour cream(Tastes better than it sounds,omelette with chees and mushrooms and turkey. Everything but the omelette and turkey is traditional swedish christmas food.
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Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Cranberry sauce, Stuffing... The whole shabang
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Old thread, but I remembered and didn't want to make a new one. What did you have/what are you going to have for Christmas dinner?
Turkey. Yeah!

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Smoked duck, butternut squash cream, goat cheese and honey croutons, turkey with stuffing, roasted potatoes, stuffed bread, asparagus, brocoli, insalata caprese, mascarpone log.

Yay! (Didn't have it yet, dinner is in 4 hours. But I cook for my family :p)
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I'd like to have some kind of greasy beef sandwich, but I'm probably getting turkey/ham.

Oh f*ck it,
I'm gonna have a party.
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