I am looking for songs that link beginner tabs to intermediate tabs, I can play things like:
RHCP - Road Trippin'
RHCP - Scar Tissue
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (besides the solo and the faster part at the beginning)
I prefer songs that don't require plectrums (I don't mind wrecking my nails if I have to), I simply love fingerpicking, I don't fancy playing rough stuff.
Anyhow, would anyone be so kind to list up a few songs that aren't for beginners, but aren't for intermediates either? I'd be very pleased if I had some practicing material!

Thank you in advance,
what about like dire straits stuff if you like finger picking

quite a lot of buckethead is fingerpicked aswell
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Dee by Randy Rhoads
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I'll keep practicing on the intro of Stairway, and I've chosen the intro of Soothsayer of Buckethead as my second practicing song as well as the intro of Sweet Child o' Mine of Guns 'n Roses (which I found by clicking related videos of Soothsayer)

Thanks for the tips! I can practice a lot further now!
if you like acoustic stuff theres always iron and wine
plenty of indie bands have good finger picking in there songs, venture through some of that.