Hey guys,

Well first off, this is my first post here, so please help me if I've posted on the wrong board.

Anyway, I'm getting a few pedals for Christmas. I was thinking a distortion pedal and a wah. Now, I play bass in a band but I'd really like to be able to use these pedals on my strat. So I have two questions ...

1. Do you guys know of any of these types of pedals which would be good for both my strat AND my bass?

2. Do any pedals exist, with a combination of the two?

I'd prefer to have to adjust my EQ only minimally, but I wouldn't mind so long as my bass retains its bass-iness.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.
I know the Dunlop Basswah works just fine for guitar, don't know if the normal wah works for bass. For distortion I think a bass-distortion will work just fine as a guitar-distortion for both instruments.
most mxr pedals work with bass. apart from the q, but then they specifically designed one for bass. This is all said in there manual.
me and some friends were messing around with a distortion pedal, we plugged the bass into it and worked just fine
Ibanez WD7 Wah has bass and guitar settings.

Distortion pedals work fine with both bass and guitar.
Id recomend a Metal Muff myself.
the big muff is a nice fuzz/distortion that works with both guitar and bass. also, a standard dunlop crybaby or vox v-847 can be modded to work with a bass. its just changing one component. however, if you wanted to you could have a switch that changed which component was in the circuit. wouldnt be tough to do, and both those pedals are extremely nice platforms for modding. i would thing about buying a cheap, used crybaby and modding it to work with both. i know there are some wahs that are meant to work with both, but id probably still do the mod on the crybaby instead.
I thought all pedals worked guitar/bass. Whether they sound good, well that is not only subjective but beyond the question of effect pedals that work with guitar/bass.
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my buddy uses a dunlop crybaby wah, which i also use on my guitars, and he also uses an old boss distortion pedal i sold to him, and they both work fine with his basses even though they're meant for guitar.
I'm pretty sure you can run bass with any guitar pedal, but I dont think you would want to run any bass effects with a guitar. However I could be wrong, I mean who woulda thunk that the Bassman would be great for guitar?
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All pedals work with bass and guitar. But its just if it sounds good or not.
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