Where do peeps stand on this?

I searched the internet before buying and almost all peoples said Hummingbird was superior due to the Mahagony top

I recently bought the Hummingbird (About a month ago) and was pretty impressed but not blown away, was good enough but not perfect - Brand new guitar, made in Indonesia

Today I got a Dove from my Girlfriend (Again, brand new made in indonesia) and I have to say it is absolutely perfect, excellent playability out of the box and a sweet sound to die for, seriously.

What do you guys prefer?
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
^ And except for the side/back material. One is mahogany, the other is maple.
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o_0, i played a Dove at PMT and personally thought it was on par with my 70quid Encore acoustic, chances are it was probably just a bad one that i played though^^

They didnt have any Hummingbirds in but i had a sesh on the EJ200, ended up buying it >.< tasty guitar it is
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