Well Mom if it's to loud You're too old """BUt it's her house""" I am another broke Musician. So I was thinking about getting the Vox mini -headphone amps.How is it,Does it rock can I go blues,and will it hurt my Hears??
I don't know much about the Vox line of amps, but I think your Hears will be fine either way.

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Does your current amp have an output jack? You can just take a 1/4" to 1/8" inch converter, and you can use any headphones you want.
Thats what I do at least.
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Yes, yes and no. Get the AC30 one it's effing sweet. As long as you don't have a telecaster (I couldn't get one to stick in my tele without some creative scotch tape work).
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Can it hurt your ears? Sure. Turn it up loud enough and it'll damage them just as well as running a 150w tube full stack turned up to 11. Or even the Crate 600w Blue Voodoo stack.

Sure it won't get that loud, but "loud enough" is more often then not doing damage.

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I'm assuming that your talking about the amplug? I would get the AC30 version of it, work your volume knobs along with the controls on the amplug to get the most out of it
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