If your workers had ALOT of taco's for lunch
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[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']I never understood Christianity.

A religion that is essentially based on stories about an invisible man that made the universe and a magic zombie that could walk on water and got nailed to a cross.
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im serious i really need an answer

So you ask the pit to get you a SERIOUS reaction ?

All i have to say is, Miracles can happen these day's...

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Dude, I think I would know, Trivium invented Thrash, Metallica are lucky they got as far as they did piggy-backing off of Trivium's signature style.
Yes. Though not likely. Fog is heavy, so in a foggy area, fog can descend into a cave/mine.
yeah it can but it would be very thin so you wouldnt see it very well. but if it is a mine with a very big room and many lights it propably would be able to be thiker fog that a human would be able to see
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Hey guys. What is this new amp we got today? it says M... Ma... Mars something. Marshall!!!
i think it says MG here on a little note too
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