So I got a new Humbucker for Christmas. I got a Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Trembucker Blues Saraceno PATB-3. I need help wiring this up. I can solder just fine, but when it comes to the wiring schematics I'm looking at, I'm just not too sure. To prevent myself from seriously screwing my guitar up, since this is my only guitar, I'm wondering if someone could guide me and tell me where to solder each wire.

I have an Ibanez SA260FM. I have drawn up the current schematics of the pickups on my guitar:

Sorry for the large picture, I wanted to be sure you could read everything. All the wiring and wire colors are exact, with the exception of the pink wires which the actual color is either white or bare (the bare wires are labeled). The gray blobs on the pots are just globs or solder on the body of the pot, I'm guessing these are just grounds.

I found this on Seymour Duncan:


And I believe this is the diagram I should be using:


Your help will make my Christmas complete.
All you need to do is remove the HB you have and solder in the new one in its place using SD wiring colours.

Black = hot
Green + bare = ground
Red+White to same terminal on switch (has your switch really got 9 terminals or 6?)

I drew a pic for you:

The grey from the HB is really white. When the pp is pulled up the red+white go to ground effectively grounding one of the coils.

Hope that helps. Any more questions are probably better in the Ultimate Wiring Diagram thread.
There are 8 terminals that come off the board for the switch then another 2 on the body of the switch, 1 on either side.

I must of missed the wiring diagram thread, but I'll check it out. Thanks for your help.
Ah, I should have been clearer. Red + white to same point on the push/pull switch. That's the one that I was asking about how many terminals it had. should be 6 for a DPDT on/on.
The Push/Pull Pot has 9 spots on it. It looks to me as if there is a circuit board soldered on top of a typical Push/Pull Pot. This is one of the things that is throwing me off when I'm looking at the wiring diagrams.

Here is a picture of the actual Pot:

Never seen that before

The push/pull just splits the HB? The PCB is totally unnecessary in that case

Easy way is to get a multimeter across the terminals to see which are in circuit in which position. In the diagram I drew the bottom 2 poles are in circuit in normal position and the top 2 when in up position on the pp.
Would it be easier if I just got a new Push/Pull Pot?


Could I take the circuit board off that Pot? Would it still work?
New pp pots are under $10 so it's not overly expensive but you should be able to remove the pcb and use the 6 terminals as normal.
I found out that when this humbucker was purchased (it was a Christmas gift) that the place said they would wire it for free, all I had to do was bring it in. So I'm just going to drop it off there. That way if anything gets screwed up its not my fault. Thanks for your help though, if I decided to do it myself, I'm sure I would have no problem, now.