Something I came up with this week when I met someone and got to know them. A bit of a first draft but I want some people to edit please As always C4C, if you want to hear more please PM me!


you're alone in this world
the people use you like a pen
like a pen
round and round your lost and found
but no one knows you
simply..you are..

Love hasn't found you
No one cares about how you feel
Like a clock

Lost and alone
Hopeless and helpless
In the city so lonely
Someone save you
but it won't be me

On the beach of pain
a picture is painted without you
without you
the world has forgotten
You're Lost and Alone
like a pen

Round and Round you're lost and found
but no one know you
simply, you are
Lost and alone hopeless and helpless in the city; so lonely
Someone save you
it maybe me

Someone finally stopped
not to use you
to meet you
Could it be true?
You're lost and alone..
You're lost and alone too?

Round and round we're lost and found
but know one knew us
simply, we were
Lost and Alone
Hopeless and Helpless
In the city; so lonely
Someone saved you
but it wasn't just me.