does anyone know any of these? i want one that sounds like the intro in if the world by GNR on chinese democracy
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I dunno the song, but try a harmonic minor scale, sounds pretty flamenco to me, also pluck with your nails if your using nylon strings/
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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as far as i know flamenco style is played in harmonic moll
my teacher wrote the scale down to me once but at the moment i feel to lazy to look for it :p
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Phrygian, phrygian dominant and byzantine scales.
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Lol It's all about the different rhythms and compas.

Saying a " " scale makes it flamenco is saying that minor pentatonic makes u metal.

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Lol It's all about the different rhythms and compas.

This, if you want to play true flamenco, no matter how many notes within a certain scale you play, you need to be playing in compas.

This said, you want to sound like spanishy music, so use phrygian and phrygian dominant. They're "spanishy" enough.
Flamenco typically uses phrygian, or any minor scale with a flat b2 in it. another characteristic is using a I chord with a b9.
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rasgueado is a flamenco way of strumming that sounds brilliant. It involves strumming with 3 fingers. To do it, strum all the strings with the ring fingernail, then before finishing the strum, strum all the strings using the middle fingernail, and then the index fingernail. I hope I was clear enough. It works great on acoustic guitars to give chords a really BIG sound especially when playing solo.