So i wake up this morning, and recieve a scale book as one of my gifts for christmas. so i start looking inside it. I was looking at the pentatonic scales, noticing how they fit together nice. but when i started looking at other scales, i was confused. I don't know which scale to start from, which ones go together, and how they go together. could someone please explain to me how this works so i don't end up throwing this book in the trash?

i scanned the lydian scale out of the book, here's the link:


thanks for the help,
You need to start easier. You're trying to jump into the middle. You gotta start from the beginning.

Go through, learn your major scales and how they work first. After that, you'll have the prior knowledge to learn the minor scales. After that, you can learn your modes and pentatonic scales, blues scales, etc...
Get to know the Major Scale. Then look at your Major Pentatonic and compare them.

The missing notes are the 4th and 7th.

There are 2 Modes of the Major scale which are major in scale. Lydian is one of them. It has the natural leading tone - the Major Seventh. but a raised fourth degree when compared to the Major Scale. If you compare the Lydian mode to the Major Pentatonic you will see that all the notes of the Pent are present in the Lydian mode but with two extra "flavour notes".

The Mixolydian is another mode of the major scale and is major in quality. Again it contains all the notes found in the major pentatonic but this time it has the natural 4th as does the major scale but it has a lowered 7th.

If you know the pentatonic scales and like the 7th flat on minor scales then you might quite like the Mixolydian mode.

Here's a link in which I do my best to explain them as clearly as possible...detailed explanation of modes and a few extra little notes on modes can be found here.

I know many will probably flame me and claim you are not ready for modes but whatever this is the best way of explaining how some of these scales "fit into the picture."

So I hope it helps clarify things for you - if it raises more questions just ask.