Now I have about $300-350 USD to spend.

Now I have been looking at those 2 specific guitars for quite a while now and I must decide.

Now this will be my first guitar and I already chose the amp. It being the Roland MicroCube.

So between the Epiphone Les Paul, and the Omen 6 which would you guys prefer.
Mind you what I have been using so far is an Acoustic.

I like to play mostly rock, metal, alternative and an occasional classic rock. I've only played for about 4 months now and have been learning quite quickly.

I would really appreciate your help in doing this.

Also any other suggestion would be great.
Thank you.

studio, but it would do you good to replace the stock parts(tuners, pickups, switch, pots) PM me for any help u need
-Jake Blackwood
Yes, but that is the main problem I won't be able to switch up the parts for a pretty good while. I'll need one that plays great straight away.

Now my reasons for the Omen 6 is that it play heavier and is more for metal yet it can also be versatile.

The studio is good on just about everything without having any real strong points.

Anymore replies would be greatly appreciated.
i just got the Omen 6 and it's soo much better than my friends studio les paul. I played both side by side on the same amp and even my friend who has the lp thinks my omen6 is better. it's very versatile for only one tone knob.
Omen 6. My Omen 7 is awesome for it's price. Built really well. ****ty pups though.
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id go for the Omen, i have a Les Paul Standard and Schecter Blackhawk, obviously i know the Blackhawk aint as good as the Omen, but for metal or any kind of rock its SOOO much better than the Les Paul even tho its llike half the price.
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Quote by bushybrowskev
So I'm getting some for the Omen.
You guys are a great help I appreciate it.

no problem (besides, Schecter is awesome like that, fall in love with one of there guitars and you fall in love with almost all of them, lol)
Omen. Schecter actually HAS QC, unlike Gibson/Epiphone, who don't much any more.
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