Basically ive just got a schecter c-7 hellraiser (2008) i got it second hand off ebay for just over £300, but for some reason there seems to be a problem with the 9v battery comparment, not only does it not shut properly from time time the battery gets extremely hot. Ive got 2 other hellraiser and this has never happened before, dont know if its something to do with a charge building up of what.
There also seems to be alot of white kinda stuff in the inside of the guitar, whether this is a battery that has leaked i dont know. If its any constilation sometimes when i move the lead to a certain angle the guitar looses all gain and sounds like it has no battery in however i think this may just be to the dodgey connection, something may need re-soldering.
So if anyone has any ideas whats going on please help a brother out, otherwise i reckon im going to take it to a tech.

cheers !