I just got an esp/ltd alexi-200, (Christmas, Yay.) and wanted to put in some seymour duncan blackouts, which are active pickups. How would i go about doing so?, I've never tried before, I know it's a noobish question.

Any help is appreciated.
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desolder the old jack and the old pots, remove the old pickups and wires. rewire the pickups according to the diagrams.

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Changing to actives from passives you'll want to change pots to 25k, change the mono jack to stereo and wire in the battery holder. The good news is these all come with the SD Blackouts. You should also remove the bridge ground wire if your guitar has one already fitted. Actives are internally shielded and don't need grounding.

Depending on space in the cavity you may also need to rout (carve out/drill whatever) extra space in your guitar for the battery.

The major thing is the space in the cavity. All the other stuff is just wiring