I'm just curious..for somereason i seem to be writing alot butr keep thinking...Y.....Y am i writing these...no one reads em (as the stats show)

So my question to you guys is ...do you post and read blogs...(ad feel free to see how ****ty my life is by reading mine :P)
Is this a blatant plug for your blog? I have written on it twice, and I must admit that now it may become a relentless quest for profile complete percentage.
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Yes but I never talk about anything would be interested in. I just do it to pass time.

I read some blogs. Carmel, Meths, Minkaro, Tom_Hatton are a few blogs I've been taking a look at recently.

Take a look on the community page. You'll see people actually do post blogs
I've started writing a blog recently. I don't really care if any one reads it. I doubt it, anyway. It's just a way of getting my thoughts down. Maybe even return to it in the future and see what I was thinking back then.
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Yes. I wrote one today. Or put up lyrics I wrote some months ago. I'll put up some more now. No one reads them but it makes me feel creative.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
lol na wasnt a pitch for it so much...i just wanted to know if other people actually did them too...ive seen and read a few..but it just stuck me ..as to why i was takin time to write things...
Yeah, I write them. But do I fuck read anyone elses.
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I write in mine. Then I stopped because I just felt I didn't need to anymore. I'll take a look at yours.

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'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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I wrote one. I do read other people's sometimes, depending on what it's about.

I try to subscribe to anyone on my friends list.