So im looking for a new guitar. I play mostly metal, I currently have $1200. Here are some things im looking for in it.

Must Have
* Neck thru
* No Tremolo
* Pickups With high output

Ive been looking a few such as
BC Rich Schuldiner Tribute
Fernandes Vortex
Jackson Kevin Bond Signature

Also looking at a Carvin Custom Shop DC127
  • Orange TH30
  • Framus Cobra 4x12
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Gibson Explorer
  • Taylor 214CE-G
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Of the two, I would go with the Fernandez. It has more tone options with two pick ups.

If you want neck-through, aggressive sound and aggressive looks go for the B C Rick Draco V . I just wish it had fret markers as well as side markers.

Just my opinion.