My brother bought this guitar for me:

He ordered one, it came damaged, so he ordered another.

I go to tune it and find that a few frets buzz. I adjust the truss rod, only to find that even if I max out the adjustment, the frets still buzz. I fixed the issue ny spacing the strings on top of the bridge with some plastic from a Bic pen.

I go to plug it in, I insert the cable, and I push the plug out.

I get the plug out, after breaking the kinked stringed (while loosening them) on the damaged guitar. I get the plug out of the gift guitar, and find that the contacts are loose an d screwy.

I replace the plug, breaking the strings on the gift guitar as well (kinked as well) only to push it in once again.

I used the cable that was supplied with the guitar, I didn't force it, I simply inserted the plug carefully into the guitar.

Any advice? The electric/acoustic Ibanez guitars seem to have a decent price, are those better?
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i wouldnt get ibanez acoustics. in my experience they have been kinda crappy.

i would try some takamines.
its really that crappy?!?!?! i thought epiphone would noever let their quality get that bad! i would email them and tell them about your problems. or at least samedaymusic.com. they should at least swap the guitars out for new ones. or just have them return your bros money.
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