Hey, I am soloing over some basic powerchords: E, G, A and D. I am using an E Minor pentatonic scale, but it's getting boring just using one scale. Can anyone of you help me pick one or two other scales that I could also use - so I can swap scales in this solo to make it more interesting? Thanks.
what chord is your tonal center? Take that and do the phrygian scale of the 3rd.
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heres a minor panatonic riff i got off my poster its got alot of the chords you us.
lol i dont know it looks cool
I would try using E minor. It'll sound a bit more exotic than blues but not quite as dissonant as phrygian. It may also not be the scale that's the problem but how you're using it. Some pretty amazing solos have been played with pentatonic scales. Try learning some solos and learning some licks. Also try major pentatonic as well as minor.

Oh and G major is the same as E minor so the guy above would be right
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what chord is your tonal center? Take that and do the phrygian scale of the 3rd.

If you do that then you're just playing in the relative major scale.
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