I got this DVD the other day and viewed the lessons. It's by Ney Mello.
There's a detailed description of it on amazon and other reviews. I'll just stick to a few
of my thoughts on it and some things that often turn up here concerning picking.

It's very good at hitting all the major points concerning picking in a manner that will put
the fewest limitations on your speed, dynamics and demands of whatever kind of music
you might want to play. Ney explains everything he covers very well and without being
at all overly anal about technique -- the music comes first. I was somewhat disappointed
in the lack of detail in areas. More detailed practice explanations and less time of just
him playing (the 2nd DVD IS mostly just a concert of his playing), would have been more
beneficial. He does go into basic & advanced practice, and its the way I tend to practice,
but I have a feeling some people might not know what they should be doing without
some more explicit hand-holding.

Some points of interest:

o NO anchoring -- it's limiting and will induce excess tension.

o Back, shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist are all used. The primary motions will come
from elbow, forearm and wrist.

o Economy of Motion = Yes, but it's RELATIVE to what you need to do. You can limit
your wrist motion to the tiniest movement to where the pick is just a constant
scrape of the string. But that absolute will not give you the sound, tone, volume or
articulation you need for the music.

o Wrist-only picking will reach a max speed beyond which it cannot be relaxed. When
you combine in the elbow/forearm, you can "supercharge" the speed achieved by
only using the wrist.

o Practice sweep picking as discrete strokes (with one of the strokes he covers earlier
called a "contact stroke"). You not only have to control the sweep, but stopping it
either to change direction or do something else.

o "Achieving speed by increasing the metronome speed is one way to do it -- if you want
it to take longer...."

All in all, my own picking and practice has developed along the same lines as what
Ney details in this DVD (although he has got way more perfected in these than I have
so far), so I easily recommend to anyone who has questions about what GOOD picking
technique actually is and wants ACCURATE answers.