ok so i got a few extra GC gift cards today so what do yo guys think.
(in a mexican strat)
dimarzio area 58 neck pup
dimarzio heavy blues bridge

and a cry baby (Slash or regular?)
or a m13 stomp pad?

i was told i have to change the pots to notice the pickups. true? i have no clue, im a noob at customization. any recomendations??
with these pickups though, i dont want a heavy metal sound. i play alot of pink floyd, im leaning towards custom shop 69's. but i was told by the GC guy that any fender pickups suck, but personally i love the area 58 sound clips.
That guy was obviously biased if he seriously said all Fender pickups suck. Don't listen to people that say stupid blanket statements like that.
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