I just got one of these today. I know the switch is for the different pickups, but I never had a guitar with more than one pickup. Can someone please tell me what the switches do and also what the two knobs do, (pulling out the knob included). Thanks in advance.
i know im not answering your q, but, i got a syn custom today. YAY! it ****in rocks
When you pull out a knob, it splits the humbucker, making it a single coil. That's called a coil tap.

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yer the push/pull is a coil tap which makes the humbuckers sound like single coils.

the pickup selector changes from bridge, neck and both together.

the knob closest to strings and pickups is the volume know, the one below it is the tone knob.
hope this helps
switches change between lead(bridge) pickup and rhythm(neck) pickup, leaving it in the middle activates both pickups
2 tone knobs and 2 volume knobs, 1 for each pickup
pulling one out is for the coil tap to give it a single pickup sound
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