hi guys. haven't been on here for a while. haven't written for a while either. this is an OTS in that i wrote and didn't go back to bits at all. obviously its not totally str. of conc. but you get my point. its about the retrospective nature that permeates the majority of modern intellectual thought and how its all to do with the 60s, man. or something like that. it isn't about whatever you want it to be about. normally i say shit is but i think that attitudes part of the problem (whatever that is). ah, fuck it, read it, rip it apart, have fun.

plagiarist since '68,
drank my cliched cup to the last bitter
dregs of a cultural wasteland, where
april is the coldest month, breeding
misremembered fragments, lilies out of
the dead land, where we are post-truth, whatever,
mumbled and bumbled and half arsed cries
of call and response, movie flop vehicles
and cracked voice tenors, painted in broad strokes
where all we have to say is that we share
the same root and route, of fudged shibboleth
but we all know where you're coming from
so all's well, right?

but where once we blossomed in the rising dawn's light,
contemplating a world that knew a setting sun,
now we wither, gorged on the fat we've sucked, on the
joy we've pulled from knowing and believing in some
truth beyond, hide in a joyless detachment,
to shake the icy cold, thats knocking at our door.

this is the sum total of a metal baton cracking the skulls
of youthful optimists, of ideas kicked bloody and beaten
and dragged around a thousand well thought out essays
that don't give a fuck about what it is
to bleed an idea, and to bleed for it,
about what it is to wear naivety like a badge of honour
and to stand up and speak your piece and say
'i said what i said and meant it'.

this is what i want to say, but my words seem to fall out sideways,
looking across for some encouragement, or a precedent for themselves,
because now we're all non-believers, and without this mask of irony
we might risk giving a fuck.

EDIT: c4c, obviously.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
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sorry if im being a noob but what is OTS? and i really enjoyed this piece by the way.
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Who's Rick Roll? Sorry for my ignorance I just joined this forum so I don't yet Know that member.
thanks and after reading it a second time i think i understand what you're trying to say. this is very very well written. you are quite talented in the english.
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Who's Rick Roll? Sorry for my ignorance I just joined this forum so I don't yet Know that member.
i remember a very distasteful and bitter argument between you and i one unfortunate day in the Pit.

this is very good. it seemed a little ahead of itself in the beginning(though i think i may have gotten that feeling due to the header you provided before-hand), but it quickly picked back up and evolved into exactly what you said it'd be.
so yeah, it was a pleasure reading you.
take it easy man.
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secret, aaaaagent maaan.