no idea what the hell this is, but it was fun writing it yay. obvious ots is obvious, c4c and happy holidays peoples

Walking Home Drunk With Your Eyes On The Floor And A Crumbled Piece Of Paper With Failed World Conquering Plans In Your Back Pocket

sparkles at dark
oh where is your heart?
this is the part of the book
(or some weird equivalent)
where the main protagonist
ditches schools and goes
and tells his best friend's mother that he loves her.
only to almost regret it immediately after.
-note how the “almost” in the last sentence is before "regret" and not after "it"-
blah blah no one knows what i'm talking about anyway-

i look at the sky. oh, sugary stars
i'm thinking of how if an earthquake came
and made everything shake, some sweetness from them
could fall and sprinkle this town again.
we can pretend it's candy coated confetti
and have our own little party out in the streets,
it will be just like snow but a thousand times better!
the last time that happened, you fe...
- no wait, i don't think that has ever happened
'tis probably my mind playing tricks on me
(she is a bedroom magician and needs someone to practice with).
i need someone to talk to so i call my good friend Hope.
"hey, what's up bro?".
turns out he's busy in a game of some weird Mexican form of poker.
he's against the imaginary clouds in my head and a book of fairytales
i deny I ever reading - with you and rain as a bet. check. check. they raise.
hope folddddds; tic tock tic-
oh, waterwaterdropswaterdropswater!
"shit, just what i needed"
what ever happened to that rihanna song?
i sit on the trunk of the first car i notice and take out my lighter.
(i dont even smoke, i keep it for the cool points)
i make a small cup with my hands and start lighting
a couple of flowers i had just picked from some neighbor's front yard.
they melt as if they were made out of plastic.
"well, maybe they are." i though (i think).
i let the ashes drop on the ground, while thinking of how
you probably are at some guy's house, holding his hands
and making out; almost not thinking of me.
-note how the "almost" in the last sentence is after "out" and not before "making"-
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epic title...havent read the lyrics yet tho...Ill get back to you.

'tis not bad
We've dressed up in our best...

...and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.

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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

I'm still in a lot of deliberation with this, but I'm pretty sure I don't like the last word; I think it ruins the ending.

I loved the confusion of the way you wrote it.

Unfortunately there is very little that I can add to this.
THis is a tangled whirlwind and a wild ride, but not once did you lose me, and that's why i love this. Lose the bitch, though
i'll get rid of the bitch in a min. thanks for reading guys, leave links