I have a big doubt it this kinda pedals. I play in a garage band, and i used to play with ****ty equipement (a ibanez pack with a gio and a 25W amp), but now that we play for 5 years, and i need a better sound, i've earnd some money, and the i bought this (this is the set for now, under construction for 1 year):

Gibson Les Paul Vintage Studio Mahogany
Line 6 Spider III 120W
Dunlop CryBaby 95Q
Ibanez Tubescreamer TS9-DX

The main problem, the amp is a 60x2 celestion (im not shure if it is has a pre amp valve). I bought the whawha, it works very well with the amp, and the tubescreamer gives me the blues distorcion i was looking for (i know the diference playing with this pedal in a tube amp, but it works fine with the line 6).

But now im considering to go with a distorcion pedal! I was kinda in a rush to get one for xmas, but i dont know if it is worth it. the amp comes with very distorcion modes, but the distorcion im looking for isnt there.

We play LedZeppelin, Hendrix, Eric Johnson, etc, but the sound that i always try to get is the jimmy page distorcion. I kinda got it for the riffs, but the tubescreamer wont handle the solos (obvious), so i ended up thinking to get a distorcion pedal !

What do you think i should do?
(i dont want fuzzfaces, delays, reverbs, phasers, echos, flages, chorus, tremolos, noisegates, the line6 amp comes with all this, and thats all i need for the effect stuff).

Some distorcion pedals that i've played and was considering:

MRX Dist +
MRX Distorcion III (i dont really get the diference, just the tone knob)
Boss DS-1

HELP :X i got 100€ fot this and i want to spend them good!
(and sorry for the english, portuguese)
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I dunno if the Line 6 Spider III was a mistake.

If you want that totally convincing Clapton/Hendrix blues tone you should have gone Marshall or Fender Bluesbreaker or something
the amp was my brothers choice. We have this at our home, so we wanted a cheaper one. We play marshall at studio i know what u say, but i still kinda like the amp for a bedroom. What about the pedals...main diferences?
hum, i see, i would explain the situation. This is my second set. My brother playes guitar too, and at the time, we didnt had the money to buy a better amp.

with the money we had, we tought the spider III 120W was the better option. He is still learning to play, and i get to play with good amps at the studio, so i really dont care about the amp that i have in my room.

As soon as i finish my university studies i will go live with my girl, and then, i will buy a good amp, the one that i've always wanted, am orange (not a combo), so till then ( 2 years +/-, and i've started to earn some money to the big amp :P), i will keep playing with the line 6 at my house (for the price, i think it is a good amp!)