I have a cheap Squire by Fender..
If I sand off the body can I get to the point where its jsut wood? and just leave off a little of the paint?

like John Mayer's relic , do I need to buy certain products?
Yea that should work just put a sealer after you are done sanding and lacquer it.

im sorry but this thread makes me angry.

if you artificially make it look old, then all you're doing is simulating history.

just play the damn thing if you want it to be worn in.
A thick Poly finish will never look anything like an old nitro finish on real relics
Run it over or something.

Just play it dude.
Artificial relicing never looks legit.
use a little sandpaper, and use a chain to beat a little bit of the **** out of it. thats what they do for those tables that come pre "reliced"
I actually Just want to remove the paint off my guitar so its just plain wood, maybe just leave out a few parts with the paint...I am not goign to do anythign to the hardware, or the neck , or fretboard..

will just sanding it down with sandpaper do the job? lol.
its just a squier by fender so it should be easy right?
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I think It might look cool sanding it allllll down to natural wood and then putting a sealer or nitro on it. but if you want a relic'd look, search google. there is a bit of info on it. Sanding will take FOREVER. You will go through lots of sand paper. I would say first heat it with a heat gun or blow torch (carefully! so things don't get burned or unglued!) this will soften the polyurethane so you can peel that off. Then use some chemical for stripping paint on the actual paint or at that point you may be able to finish the job with sand paper.