look, I don't have a band or anything... and aint really looking for one right now...
what I am wanting to do is get together a 30 song list (minimum) that is my typical c linupe for playing small bars and clubs.... just me and a guitar.
no bass or drums....just me on vocals and an acoustic guitar.... with maybe a chorus pedal....just to make it sound a little better but only very light effects if any....

my question is what would you want to hear played acoustic if your were drinking in a bar...............


and i will reiterate that.


give me at least one song you want to hear regularly that is or CAN BE PLAYED as acoustic. all I want to do is acoustic covers of anything.... but just to make a little money... and suggest something if you can that you think would sound good without the rest of a band....

thanks for your help.
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go for the classics... pink floyd, supertramp, led zeppelin, aerosmith, bon jovi,...
Those are always well accepted if well played
Nutshell, Alice in Chains, good luck man
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Only need one thread, so I'll close this one.

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