I got cash. haha. Cuz i thought i wanted an attenuator but didnt feel like explaining the where to go or what to get. however now i dont even know if i feel like spending the $ on it. If i get a thd hot plate, which is what i was eyeballin, do you think its even worth the 250-300 itll prolly cost? I have a 5150 and i know its an amp that thrives on being turned up, and where i live its only once in a while that i can crank it. But, i just dont know if the lack of tone from having it on 2-2.5 vs. 5 (which i admit is a bit of a diff, lol) is enough of a reason for me to spend 300 on the attenuator. Kinda sorta thinkin bout savin the $ and gettin a nice acoustic, taylor i been wanting. You think the attenuator is gonna make ENOUGH of a difference tone-wise that i should even bother? I do plan on tryin one out before i buy. Thanks.
Quote by shinedown98
but didnt feel like explaining the where to go or what to get.

I read this as explaining to the wh0re what to get. Thought you called your mum a wh0re
you can easily get a thd hotplate mint off ebay for 200 now. i have no idea how i sold mine for 260 but hey this is about you not me . whilst i had my fair share of experience, i didn't notice THAT much of a difference. i noticed there was ALOT less bass response when cranking the amp and more static even though it supposedly has a noise gate. all in all it's not going to make much of a difference. at least not to me.

in the end. i would recomend you getting a nice proper acoustic guitar. cause in the end you'll probably end up selling it. then again you do have a 5150 which is a totally different amp than what i have.
thanks kyle, i did read reviews and stuff, and im not sure how the attenuator, at 300 is gonna make enough of a difference. Im afraid it would just rob tone. Far as acoustic, right now i have a takamine gs330s, and while its been a descent acoustic, im not a fan of the tone of it, and the playability to me has been sheit. I've played other acoustics, like this taylor i've been messin with in the store, and the playability alone over mine has sold me on it, and the sound obviously. It feels like an electric in the ease of barre chords and overall playability. I think i'll hold out on the attenuator and the acoustic alike (taylor was almost 1k), until i feel ready to buy this acoustic, or decide i really need the attenuator, which i dont see likely at this point.