well i got a squier MB5 for christmas and its awesome, plays nice and has a nice tone but whenever i switch it to the neck pickup or the bridge pickup im getting a humming noise from it and well i was wondering what this may be coming from?
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just the nature of single coil pickups, i'm pretty sure. the bridge is reverse wound from the neck, so having both at equal volume acts like a humbucker to cancel out the noise. soloing one or the other will produce some hum. if it's really a problem, it could be a shielding issue that could be fixed pretty easily.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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if it's not a shielding problem you could get a noise suppressor if it's loud enough to really bother you.
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+1, it's probably the well known problem of single coil hum. When you get the hum, try turning round or moving about a little. This might take you away from the field of the source of the interference.
You'll probably find the interference is due to a large electrical item. TV's, radios, and amps are particularly guilty, as are mobile phones. Even fridges, washing machines, etc., can get in on the act.
A top quality lead sometimes helps cut out some noise.