My parents got me an acoustic for a christmas today.
but when i set down to play it i noticed the 12th a 13th fret buzzing.
well when i say buzzing i mean a dead note since the string was hitting the higher frets. Im assuming it has something to do with the trussrod? im not really familair with acoustic or how to fix this... so any help?

thanks in advance

EDIT: its on the 12th and 13th frets of just the high e string
You are assuming wrong in thinking it's a truss rod adjustment. The truss rod isn't going to effect that area of the neck, no matter how much you were to crank on it. A better bet would be to sight down the length of the neck and look for high spots. Sometimes, cheaper brands of guitars have a neck hump to them right around the area where the neck meets the body. It's caused by the build techniques used to mass produce certain guitars. There's really not a lot you can do about it other than raise the action at the saddle. Fatter thicker strings won't help either since the bottom of the string will remain the same distance from the frets. Raising the saddle will help tho I think.
Go to Frets.com for info on how to do this.