anybody have some they don't need or got some tht came with their games??

i got left 4 dead and my membership is up so im orderin a new code but its gonna take a while to ship. i just really wanna play this game online!!
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just play it offline now and get good, then shock everybody when youre back
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Damnit why are you full of so much win
ill check, i dont think i do though
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i love you!
have cookie

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^^^ So much win, omg.
ummm...bringin joy to a xboxlive-less guy on a holiday thts about generousity
je suis haut
even betterr! i love your ppl.. remember we are in the midst of hanukkah a holiday thts about generousity
je suis haut
give me your guitar, then i'll send you the code
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I'm not Jewish. I'm just a jerk. Alright, I'll see if I can find where my brother put the stuff. I'm feeling generous today. But you are forever in my debt.
wow haha. yea and suree..anytime u need a code i can give u one latr.
je suis haut