Has anyone else noticed that after taking a break from playing for a day or two... for whatever reason, you know, maybe you havent had time... when you pick the guitar back up you play way better for a limited amount of time?

I don't understand it.
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i think so. i think it gives your brain a chance to get rid of all the same patterns you tend to do over and over while trying to jam also.
Agreed, I've never really had a complete cutoff from instruments as a whole though... only time I'm without a guitar is when I go up to my grandparents', and I usually spend most of the time up there playing duet piano with my granddad, so hardly classes as isolation from practice...

I guess that's probably just me taking the "feel" of a piano and applying it to a guitar though. Rather interesting, to say the least.
happens to me too
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It gives you a chance to "cool down", so to speak. Your mind is on other things, and so the patterns and riffs you're always playing get wiped away, andleave room for improvisation, technique improvement, and experimentation.
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Yeah. I'll try really hard to get a certain amount of a song down and suck at it continually. Once I sleep on it, I'm 2x as good the next time after a little warm up.
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Yeah I've definatley noticed that but it seems to be more permanent for me.
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Either that or you just realize you don't suck quite as bad as you thought you did.
The same thing happens when I mix music, if I take a break and come back later, I'm alot better than when I left.
I think it has something to do with "thinking patterns"
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