here are the specs, my dad told me the guy at guitar center said it wouldn't need a humidifier because it isn't solid wood.

# Body Style: Dreadnought
# Top: Spruce
# Back: Mahogany
# Sides: Mahogany
# Neck: Mahogany
# Fingerboard: Rosewood
# Bridge: Rosewood
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Seems like we did this earlier today, but here's the answer again. If the guitar is a laminate top, then it's not totally necessary to humidify it. With that said, like any item made of wood, it will benefit from humidification, but it's not 100% necessary. The main reason to humidify solid top guitars is because they're prone to cracking. This happens when the wood swells or shrinks, due to excessive or very little humidity. Laminate guitars are stronger and won't suffer from cracking, however the tone suffers.
You asked the exact same question in this thread. Please don't remake threads asking the same question.
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