I'd like to keep it Under 2,000$

Must be.
All solid woods.
American, Japanese, Australian, or European made.
Some sort of cutaway.
Anything but a Dreadnought.
Something other than dot inlays.
Sound like heaven descendant from the skies.

Acoustic electric.
Some sort of exotic wood flare.
Nice binding.
Auditorium or non traditional body shape.
Thinner body.
Not a Jumbo.
Good for heavier strumming.
Not a spruce top.

I've been looking at breedloves, taylors, martins and Gibsons.

Koa would be the most bitchin' thing ever, and I'd be willing to extend my budget up to 2400-2500 for it.

Customs are nice if they can be found for the price.
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Koa? Acoustic Electric? Cutaway? Grand Auditorium body style? Japanese made? Non-dot inlays? All-solid wood? Sounds like heaven? Good for strumming?

Can you say Takamine?

Just a suggestion. sounds like it fits what you desire though.
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For that money look on e-bay or craigslist and you should be able to get a used Martin D-28 or D-18.