so i want to get a snowboarding and i need to buy a board now cuz im tired of renting. ive been looking at some online but i want some other info. i only want to spend around 200 or less. here is one that ive been looking at

what do you think about this one?

thanks in advance
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yeah that's an alright snowboarding

oh wait
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Honestly, it doesn't matter much.
Just get a cheap board that is either up to your nose or to your chin in height.
Maybe I'm an idiot but there isn't really a huge difference between a blank board and that one except for the graphic.
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I have a nitro board, there pretty good, as long as you wax them good and get good bindings i guess it doesn't really matter what kinda you get, as long its not a super cheap one from walmart or something.

EDIT ! Also you can get different widths, and there's freestyle boards which are flexible and i dunno what the other type is. Yeah I'm probably not helping a whole lot lol.
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