I'm sorry if you guys get this a lot but but I need some advice from some of the experienced players in the forum. Yes I'm a noob, I know.I love music and have been taking guitar lessons at my school. I finally got some money in my pocket since its Christmas and I'm planning on buying a guitar. Can you guys make any recommendations? My price range is about 250.
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In the future if anyone makes a recommendation without knowing what you play and your amp.....


What do you play, and what are you playing through?
I don't really have any gear, its gonna be my first guitar. I want something that has a heavy sound if you know what i mean. I'm planning to buy the guitar soon and the when I get some more money get a nice but not to expensive amp. And thanks for the replies guys.
250 bucks wont get you a 'heavy sound'

250 bucks wont get you mcuh at all, maybe go for a starter pack?

esp ltd have one, and it's focused more on the hi-gain audience, maybe that'll contribute to being 'heavy' good luck
It would help with saying what kind of bands/genres you would want to play. Do you mean like... general metal heavy or say, cannibal corpse style heavy?
And is this £250 or $250?