i have no complaints at all. that was a good song.

doesn't sound like much a criticism, but i was looking for something, and i could not find anything wrong.

i think its a very good job.
damn, I hate to do this (and it's not my usual style), but I simply have to concur with the first reviewer that I have just "no complaint". No more thoughts went on through my mind as I heard it. On the plus side, it's a standart metalcore piece, and on the downside, well, it's a standart metalcore piece. There's nothing out of the ordinary either too good or too bad here, it's nothing I haven't heard a thousand times done better (and worse!) from the "usual suspects" bands.
So, depending on what you wanted to achieve you succeeded or not. I don't really have any criticism to give (but let me still try to be as longwinded as possible), because everything was done perfectly by the book - which may be a criticism in itself, ha!
I can imagine it being a simple, efficient filler song at a gig, the kids will have fun at the time, no doubt, but it also won't be anything to write home about. No offense at all intended, I know it's an accomplishment in itself to at least get up to "standart" rating - You can try to throw in a few curveballs to make it more interesting. If you do, there's always the chance you might fail and the piece will go from "standart bland" to "bad" (as the sew goes, sometimes it's better to not get noticed because you've done everything right, than to get noticed because you did something wrong), or the piece will go from "generic" to "great". Try going for it. In the spirit of UG forums for example let me be the first to suggest adding a solo.
If you want to stay within the standart framework there's also devices like breakdowns etc. Keep it up!
Yeah i pretty much just tryed to write a standard metalcore song to see how easy it is and if its fun to write since its not really my style. Ill crit both yours when I go on a computer with guitarpro.
Very nice song

pretty much standard metalcore yeah
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