I saw a local listing for a Peavey Studio 112 that was being sold for 150 bucks. I was wondering if the sound quality and volume would be good enough to play along with a full band? I recently got back in with my old band, and I really need an amp that I can use to play gigs and such with, and I only have about 200 dollars to spend. What do you think?
Well I've got a Bandit 112 and I'd say the only difference is Reverb and 20 watts or something like that
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Yeah it's good I use my Bandit at practice (with a heavy hitting drummer mind you) and hardly turn the post gain past 7. Most gigs are PA'd anyway.

Lol my bandit rarely goes past 4
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Shockingly loud ain't they?

When I use it in my house I'd have to keep it around 0.8

In conclusion TS Studio's are basically a lower watted Bandit and Bandits are badass, versatile, built like tanks so test it in store and if you like what you hear grab it!. its like what 40 watts or 60 watts or something?

Thats loud enough to gig in any place, let alone the PA that would help you out.
ok, well is the sound quality at least bearable compared to a tube amp? I know it's probably not high-quality, but as long as its not so bad that it's getting wailed on for not being a valve amp, I'm fine with it.