Im looking for something to boost my Tiny Terror so i can play some metal. My Metal Muff is broken, so i was looking at some OD pedals and i saw a youtube vid with TT boosted with Ibanez TS9 and it sounded pretty good, and Musiciansfriend is having a sale on them. so what does UG think. If you have any other suggestions please try to keep it under 100$. thanks
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I'd say either go with a TS9 or maybe a MXR Wylde OD. Both work well for different things; the best I can tell you is go and try both out and see which one you like more.
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If you don't like it, return it. They have a sweet 30 day policy there, and a pedal is really easy to keep in mint condition (use your fingers, not your foot!).
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Quote by Ardie12
what about a Bad Monkey, i hear a lot about those.

I tried it and it wasn't as great as the TS-9. What about a Boss DynaDrive? Anyone tried one of those?
it's on sale? for how much. most of the time, it's not on sale or it goes from 99.99 to 99.00

anyways, i like mine. it adds a bit of mids and treble, but you can make it add almost none with the tone knob.lots of gain/sustain. adds bunch of noise, but all OD's do that.
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I went on an overdrive rampage during the summer and those were the best of all the ones I tried. Needless to say I bought them. The TS-9 would work well too.